About RC MedReview

Who are we ?

RC MedReview is a medical education company specialized in providing review conferences and high yield concise review books for the license examinations including COMLEX Levels 1 and 2 and Internal Medicine certification and recertification examinations. RC MedReview provides the study materials and review programs necessary and sufficient for preparing physicians to succeed in their board certification examination.

The RC MedReview series is not a traditional classroom-style course, instead it focuses on the material in the precise depth needed, covering each of the subjects specified by the National Board of Medical Examiners. It provides you with interactive lectures as well as practice questions with the same level of difficulty that you will see on the boards.  The course has all that you need to know for the examination in a concise and easy-to-memorize and recall manner.

RC MedReview is designed and taught by the RC MedReview team of doctors from both the medical and academic fields that have put together a unique set of courses and study books to provide the RIGHT and CONCISE methods for excelling on the boards.

Our Mission

Our intention is to start you off correctly on becoming a career physician and not just equipping you for passing an examination. Our very approach is that a sound and solid mastery of medical knowledge, and its intuitive application, results in a fulfilling medical career.

Our premise is simple. The more specific and precise we teach medicine, the more you as a student of this great art will be able to both recall information and recognize the answers on the exam and in the clinic. Our team stresses the points of connection between the vast pieces of medical information. As a result, your knowledge is comprehensive and is retained. We teach what you need to know, but we also teach you an overall approach to medicine.


What sets us apart from others ?

There are four main differences :

  • RC MedReview courses are not just filled with mnemonics and tables —they are organized specifically to teach the topics and approaches you need to excel on your exams.
  • The courses are full preparation systems that includes hundreds of embedded Board style questions, online lecture reviews, mobile lecture reviews, and the matchless RC MedReview books.
  • We also provide you with a FREE  personalized study schedule to fit your needs and to help you utilize your time effectively.
  • We are very confident in our courses, thus we are committed to your success – with each course, we offer an unbelievable Trust Guarantee .