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I wish you were one of our main professors during the year! Thank you for your never-ending enthusiasm!

Phil K.

Your endurance in delivering so many great lectures is remarkable. The quality of your lectures is astounding. And your humor throughout it all is out of this world.

Brittany D.

I would be completely lost without you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated you!

Callie M.

Thank you so much for helping us prepare for Boards! Your course has helped me tremendously! After this course, two things are going to happen:
we will all pass Boards and we will all miss you!

Ana R.

I can’t tell how much I appreciate you teaching is this course! I feel so muchmore confident about knowledge to take the Board now! But more importantly, you have made us all better physicians.

Jared S.

Thank you so much for all of your time, effort and knowledge. You helped me greatly in making it possible to learn all of this information. I really enjoyed all of your stories and anecdotes.

Megan A.

Dr. Rizk is an excellent board review professor. I feel I have retained much more from his reviews than from the actual classes and readings on the subjects. Thank you Dr. Rizk!

Mickael P.

Dr. Rizk’s board reviews have been extremely valuable in pulling together all of the material that we have learned and presenting it in a clear, concise manner”

Sarah J.

Everything is very well organized and the course does a wonderful job at making connections. I have learned so much in just a few hours!

Justin L.

And so many more...

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