Why choose us?

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Why choose us?

Among the wide range of online reviews available to medical students, RC MedReview stands out as the only program that focuses on just the right amount of detail for excelling on the boards. It is no surprise that our students consistently score higher than the national average on all subjects, especially those subjects traditionally considered to be the most challenging like microbiology and biochemistry.

COMLEX level 1 scores for students enrolled in the RC MedReview course compared to the national average. (Source: VCOM)

Fostering a strong foundation in basic science without going into unnecessary detail, the RC MedReview program is about building connections, not simple memorization.  We have consistently received the most favorable reviews from students who have been able to master the subject matter and excel on the exam.

The RC MedReview course was tailored by Dr. Samir Rizk, a member of the Academy of Distinguished Educators and winner of multiple “best teacher” awards with over 35 years of teaching experience. Dr. Rizk has assembled a team of practicing physicians and clinical researchers who are passionate about teaching medical students.

Here’s what others have said about the RC MedReview course and Dr. Rizk:

“Dr. Rizk’s board reviews have been extremely valuable in pulling together all of the material that we have learned and presenting it in a clear, concise manner”

Dr. Rizk is an excellent board review professor. I feel I have retained much more from his reviews than from the actual classes and readings on the subjects. Thank you Dr. Rizk!

“Everything is very well organized and the course does a wonderful job at making connections. I have learned so much in just a few hours!”

“I love Dr. Rizk. He not only is a great teacher and is enthusiastic, he is also willing to teach HOW to answer questions and not just about the facts.”

“Outstanding teacher of Medicine”

“continually keeps the entire classroom engaged and involved! I have learned more from Dr. Rizk’s lectures than I could have even anticipated, I STRONGLY recommend him as a professor. Many complicated topics were simplified by his analogies and explanations, forever I will be grateful! Thank you!!”


We are dedicated to helping you succeed on your examination, therefore, we guarantee our products.

If you use the online COMLEX level 1 program for 6 months or longer and purchase the High yield review questions for one month or longer and failed the exam you may be granted a free access to the video lectures for additional 3 months.

If you use the online COMLEX level 2 program and failed the exam you will be granted a free access to the video lectures for additional 3 months.

Study Plans

Not sure how to study? We’ll provide you with a personalized study schedule to help you utilize your time effectively!


Need advice on how to succeed on your exam? We provide personal and thorough advising to ensure your success on your boards and wards. Contact Us!

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